The Three Doctors, Part 2

At the end of Part 1, Dr 3 and his companion Jo were zapped by the multicolored blob-thing in UNIT HQ’s lab and disappeared. It’ll be some time before we find out what’s happened to them, The Doctor and Jobut during the activity that follows at UNIT, we’re given a very brief scene of them reappearing via that beam emitting from the so-called black hole and ending up unconscious in a quarry.

Back in the UNIT lab, after theorizing that Dr 3 and Jo have been transported somewhere, Dr 2 observes that the blobby thing has “gone off the boil” and he and Sgt. Benton venture out of the Tardis.

While Dr 2 is testing blobby’s limits, the Brigadier comes in. Being somewhat preoccupied by the blob-thing inside the HQ and the attack by the glittering shrouded creatures outside, it takes him a moment to register that the Doctor is now his old pre-regeneration friend again. He asks about some of their adventures together: the Yeti, the Cybermen attack, and the Autons story which was when the Doctor transformed into “that tall, thin fellow.” This last hasn’t happened yet for Dr 2 at the point when he was taken out of the time-stream,  and he tries to explain this to the Brigadier and avoid spoilers on what’s coming up for him. He refers to himself as a “Temporal anomaly.” Not that the Brigadier really understands this, but he’s got enough to deal with at the moment and just goes along with it.

“You’ve been mucking around with that infernal machine of yours,” the Brigadier concludes, and tells Benton, “As long as he’s done the job, he can wear what face he likes.” He suggests that Dr 2 consult those “all powerful” Time Lords.

“Not so ‘all powerful’ just now,” Dr 2 replies. “That’s why it’s been left up to me and me and me.”

Meanwhile, Dr 3 and Jo come to and naturally wonder where they are. Jo worries that they might be dead.

Dr 3 scoffs. This doesn’t look like an afterlife. Look at it; this is a place. “How can we not be in a quarry?”

Jo: “We’ve frequently not been in quarries.”*

And now... the UNIT Office sketchOne of those glittery bauble-covered creatures stands up on a ridge above them, watching as they get up and start walking.

The pair soon stumbles into a Monty Python sketch: a water cooler and reel-to-reel computer in the middle of nowhere. They also find that central sink-countertop workstation with the cosmic-ray box on it, and the partial wall from the lab. It’s all the stuff that was zapped out by the multicolored blob.

Bessie is parked just a few yards away, so they get in and start driving to “find out where we are and who brought us here,” as Dr 3 puts it. Yes, there is a road.

The glittery creature (or maybe it’s a different one) is still watching them.

Back at UNIT, Dr 2 has identified the colorful thing as antimatter. “It shouldn’t exist here but it does.” He creates a device to “confuse” it and keep it at bay.

Facing the Blob-monster

While he and the Brigadier go into another room to have a video conference about the situation with the UN Security Council in Geneva, Benton is left alone to keep watch over it. But he accidentally riles it up when he tosses a gum wrapper at it, and then when he turns the confuse-a-thing device up to subdue, the thing grows even bigger and more dangerous. It zaps the device.

When Dr 2 and the Brigadier come back in response to Benton’s shouts, all three of them are forced to retreat into the Tardis.

The Brigadier’s never been inside before either. He gets one of his best lines–and he’s got some good ones in this episode and the next–as he looks around the control room. “So this is what you’ve been doing with UNIT funds and equipment!”

Dr 2 offers him a jelly baby. I thought those were a Dr 4 thing.

Driving along, Dr 3 and Jo stop and leave Bessie when they notice some human footprints beside the road, which eventually lead them to Dr. Tyler, who’s working out some Einsteinian equations in the sand to figure out where he is. He doesn’t believe it when Dr 3 explains:

“We’re at the other end of that lightstream of yours. We’ve been transported along it [inside the black hole]… On a stable world in a universe of antimatter. An anomaly within an impossibility.”

It’s at this point that we see they’re being monitored by someone in a fabulous glittery cloak, who is delighted that he’s finally captured a Time Lord; he orders one of his creatures to bring all the visitors to him.

Surrounded by explosive shots from the creatures, the trio quickly surrender. Mr. Ollis, the missing groundskeeper, watches from behind a pile of rocks.

They’re escorted into a cave made up of a series of tunnels and rooms that appear to be made out of the same material as the creatures–lots of glittery glass bubbles. Jo compares it to Aladdin’s Cave. Although, speaking of jelly babies, once I see them more closely it looks like the surfaces of both the walls and the creatures are embedded with something like enormous Gummi-bears.

Aladin's cave

Dr 3 likens the presence of matter in this antimatter place to a conjuring trick, and produces a bouquet of silk flowers from his sleeve (on the commentary, Katy Manning says she still has them).

Back inside the Tardis, the Brigadier only wants to get out in spite of that blobby-thing waiting outside; he feels he should be with his men protecting the HQ. Dr 2 is worried because he’s misplaced his recorder. He uses an actual screwdriver to adjust the Brig’s walkie-talkie to communicate with the soldiers outside, then bashes it on the Tardis console to make it work.

Dr 1 reappears on the viewscreen and instructs Dr 2 to turn off the Tardis’s protective forcefield. The Brigadier wonders who that old man is, but Dr 2 decides it’s too complicated for him. “You’d never believe me.”

Following Dr 1’s advise, Dr 2 to turn off the forcefield. Not only does this allow the Tardis to be zapped and transported through the black hole, but the glittery creatures still besieging the house vanish before the astonished eyes of the soldiers. Then the whole HQ house vanishes too.

UNIT HQ in the black holeThe last thing we see at the end of this episode is the house falling into the black hole.

It’s not one of the best special effects.


*They don’t actually say this; I stole this joke from Tom Stoppard because I always say it at this point. Of course, the Doctor and his companions have frequently been in quarries too.


Author: Kathryn L Ramage

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