Dark Shadows: More Evil Eve

Eve--newly created and ready for a night on the town! After Adam and the newly created but dressed up for an evening out Eve disappear from the old Collins house, Professor Stokes goes over to the abandoned west wing of Collinwood in hopes of finding them in Adam’s room there.

He doesn’t. What he does find is young David Collins; it turns out that the boy had befriended Adam weeks ago although the viewer’s never seen it.

David tells the professor that the last time he talked to Adam–presumably before the experiment to give Eve life was underway–that Adam said he was leaving Collinwood and never coming back.

Professor Stokes goes on searching, since he’s convinced that Eve has the life force of an evil Frenchwoman who’s been dead since the 1790s and must be stopped before she carries on her evil ways in the 20th century.

David begins his own search for Adam up in the cemetery. He doesn’t find Adam either, but he does see Willie Loomis sneaking out of the old family mausoleum.

I wasn’t sure if David knew about the secret room at the back of the mausoleum, but Willie helpfully reminds me that he was shut up in it once back when Barnabas was a vampire and David was poking around the old house and discovered the coffin in the basement. So thank you, Willie.

David opens the secret door and discovers Maggie being kept prisoner in the hidden room. Given David’s record of being aggravatingly unhelpful in similar situations, I thought he’d leave Maggie tied up there while he stood around wondering what he should do for 3 or 4 episodes–just as he did with Vicky. But not this time. When Willie gets back to the vault, Maggie is gone.

Willie and Barnabas search frantically for her in the cemetery and woods, but all they find is a cast-off slipper. Certain that they won’t be able to catch her now that she must be in Collinsport and that she’s gone straight to the police, they return to the old house. Barnabas settles down to await his inevitable doom.

Maggie, afraid that the police won’t believe her story and will call her crazy, decides to seek out her former fiancé Joe instead. He’ll believe her.

Maggie discovers Joe in a vampire's embraceIndeed he will. When Maggie gets to Joe’s apartment, she finds him with Angelique’s teeth in his neck. Angelique immediately vanishes and Maggie and Joe share the knowledge that they’ve both been made victims of a vampire’s bite. For a few minutes, we’re almost in a real horror show as they cling to each other in terror, as a couple naturally would when they realize that their town is overrun with the undead.

Maggie wants to get in Joe’s car and drive away as far and fast as they can, but before they can even do that much, there’s a knock on the door. She’s afraid that it’s only another danger coming for them, but Joe answers it. We don’t get to see who’s there.

Barnabas is still sitting in his parlor, so it can’t be much later when Joe comes to the old house and tells Barnabas that Maggie wants to see him. Barnabas, and Willie with him, go to the Evans cottage. From the look on Joe’s face after he delivers this message, it doesn’t look like his memory has been completely wiped… but Maggie’s has.

When her visitors arrive, she greets them cheerfully, gives Barnabas some sketches that her father had done while working on his portrait, and tells Willie she hasn’t seen him in some time. She doesn’t remember a thing that’s happened–the kidnapping, the coffin, the whole abduction the previous year, sitting captive and glowering at Willie for at least three days, or anything about vampires. It’s all gone. She offers them some coffee, but they decline to stay. Willie is bewildered, but Barnabas believes that Nicholas is behind this. He doesn’t understand why, thinking that it has something to do with him. But my guess is that Nicholas wants to keep Maggie in town.

Just as Barnabas gets back to the old house, another problem comes up. It seems that a new spirit is haunting the house. Remember the strange breeze that came up just before Leona’s body disappeared and Adam and Eve ran off? It’s happened several times since–the front door flies open, the drawing-room curtains billow even though the windows are shut, and the chandelier tinkles. Actually, something like this also occurred back before the experiment began; Leona/Danielle spoke to an unseen presence in Josette’s room. At the time, I thought it was Josette’s ghost and that the two must have encountered each other in the afterlife since they couldn’t possibly have met while living in the 1790s. But it’s not Josette.

Séance time!

Barnabas, Julia Hoffman, and Professor Stokes join hands around a table and try to contact this spirit to find out who it is and what it wants. Barnabas goes into a trance and gives us his best Charles Boyer impression: speaking in a heavy French accent, he introduces himself as Philippe Cordet and calls Danielle mon amour (which isn’t grammatically correct when speaking of a woman, but it is what he says). He loved her when they were both alive and his spirit has come back to retrieve Danielle’s, which he says was stolen away from him by another man. In revenge, he will kill that man.

So where are Eve and Adam while all this is going on? Over at Nicholas’s house. Not surprisingly, she’s bored sick already. She doesn’t like Adam–but she does like Nicholas, recognizing her evil match. There’s no Bride of Frankenstein drawing back and hissing, but she does put Adam’s idea that she was “made to love him” firmly and emphatically in the trash. I agree with everything she says to him in this scene, but I wonder if we’re supposed to–not only because she’s evil ‘n’ all, but because sexual politics in the ’60s were really weird even outside of soap-opera plots.

Nicholas, however, insists that she play up to Adam, or else. He has his plans for world domination and isn’t going to let what Eve wants get in his way. Adam is eager to leave, find a place far away, find a job, and support himself and Eve, but Nicholas keeps him hanging on with promises that he’ll find a good plastic surgeon to do something about Adam’s facial scars.

They are arguing these points when the front door of Nicholas’s house bursts open, the curtains billow, and the chandelier tinkles. Eve knows who it is and announces that someone is about to die. Adam starts to choke.

At the old house, Barnabas also starts choking.

But the ghost of Philippe doesn’t get his way in either case. Nicholas uses his power over the spirits yet again to drive the throttling ghost off so that both Adam and Barnabas can breath more easily. You know, this guy’s power over everybody and his easy magical solutions to every problem are getting kind of tiresome.

Elizabeth's model mausoleum Over at Collinwood, Elizabeth has hired an architect to design her escapable mausoleum for her. There’s a little model of it with miniature trees sitting on a table in the drawing room.

When Roger sees it, he smashes it, but of course that doesn’t help Elizabeth get better at all. Instead, she flies out of the house and goes running off to the graveyard again.

As she stops to read the tombstones and contemplate that she will soon be joining the people under them, she reminds me of Judith Starkadder from Cold Comfort Farm.

It’s Jeff Clark who finds her.

When she sees him, she cries out “You’re dead! You’re dead!” and in a nice little touch collapses right on Peter Bradford’s grave.

Jeff carries her back to Collinwood, where Vicky is waiting anxiously. They put her down on the drawing-room sofa and desperately try to revive her, but begin to panic when they find Elizabeth has no detectable pulse and shows no signs of breaElizabeth collapses on Peter Bradford's gravething.

They should get Dr. Hoffman to declare her dead; there’s no better guarantee that she’ll be up and about in no time.

Oh, look, here’s the doctor now. She examines Elizabeth and confirms the lack of vital signs, but before she can actually say that she’s dead–sure enough!–Elizabeth sits up and shouts “No!”


Author: Kathryn L Ramage

Kathryn L. Ramage has a B.A. and M.A. in English lit and has been writing for as long as she can remember. She lives in Maryland with three calico cats named after the Brontë sisters. In addition to being the author of numerous short stories, reviews, essays, and period mystery novellas, she is also the author of a series of fantasy novels set in a dukedom called the Northlands on an alternate Earth whose history has diverged from ours somewhere during the medieval period.