Four star Amazon review

“Some books are fantasy and other books are novels placed in a fantasy setting. This first novel by Kathryn Ramage is indeed set in a wondrous, rich and beautiful fantasy setting.”


“The characters are realistic and well done, with deep and well crafted emotions and conflicts. There’s romance, loss, love, reconciliation, anger, and much more.”


“And yes, the Father is a great and powerful wizard (he reminds me a bit of Elric), and Orlan, his son (the protagonist) has great magical potential. We see part of Orlans magical training, and a few instances where his father wields his magical power.

“But- there’s no dragons slain, no princess rescued, no epic battle scenes, no worlds saved from a Dark Lord. Thus, this may be a very good book for those tired of the ‘same-old, same-old’ and who would like a good novel that has a fantasy setting.”
A novel about a boy growing up- in a fantasy setting, by Wulfstan, April 18, 2011